Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update - Redesign

Hi folks!

I've had C&P percolating on the back burner for some time now and I've decided that the game requires a redesign. I've received a ton of very positive feedback, and some excellent constructive criticism, and I've isolated a challenging culture clash problem through the design. I've had some concerns for a while that I was having trouble articulating, but I think I understand them now and know where to go to proceed.

A while ago I reached a crossroads in the design and tried to go two ways at once: One way makes for interesting experimentation in design and theory, the other for more suitable playability by audience and these goals went at odds with each other. In the end, it came down to a question: was C&P something I wanted folks to play or something I wanted folks to think about? If it's the former, then my design goals needed to shift direction a little, if the latter then I'm not really interested in publishing it at all.

In the end, the answer is resoundingly the first, and so I need to go back, deconstruct and rebuild it - streamlined - from the ground up.

What am I changing? I'm adapting the storyboard section of play so as to shorten it, bring focus, and reduce brain drain while maintaining the crazy energy vortex it has thus far created. I want to expand the fictional portion of the game, and to provide (fold down) support for structuring procedures. I'm looking for ways to make the co-operative intent of the game more in line and intuitive with it's presentation, and looking to alter it's resolution system in a way that supports serial play while underlining the conventions of the cop show.

So, look for more updates here in the future, I'll let you know how progress continues.


Saturday, January 6, 2007


This is the new home of Crime & Punishment, a procedural drama game. The site has just gone up, and is still in the process of being tweaked, so please bear with me while I get it finished and add content.