8 thoughts on “[BitV] Session 4”

  1. Awesome session. I must admit though, at this rate I don’t see the game making it to double digit sessions. I hope i’m wrong, but I think the dogs are either gonna tear themselves apart or have so many traits from all this hardcore conflict that they’ll be unstopable forces of nature. Either way I look forward to reading about future sessions.

  2. Dogs do become both broken up and unstopable forces of nature a lot of the time. (IME, at least.)

    It tends to even out from the fact they take more conflicts alone, due to the not getting along so well thing, with the more individual ability to take conflicts from the forces of nature thing.

    Though, it is true I’ve never had a Dogs game go more than a few towns.

  3. Wow. I’ve really enjoyed reading these session logs. It’s inspiring. Something clicked when I read the time lapse with Hannah’s conflict. I’ll have to use that technique.

    What program are you using during play?

  4. Hi, this is Hannah’s player. Brand mentioned I could do that, so I thought I’d give it a try. It worked like a dream! It was kindof weird for me having that kind of control over the entire setting and narrative, including other players’ characters and NPC’s. But what made it easier is that I came to see it as all one conflict — they hadn’t resolved anything at the point where I time-lapsed, so picking it up again at a later time just worked without disrupting storyline or anything. It was kindof fun. 🙂


  5. Hey Nancy,

    It’s funny how that feels. The first couple of times that I did something like a time lapse, ot took control of a story elements that weren’t traditionally inside my right of control, I felt like I was looking at an Escher print – that there had been all of these dimensions before, but that I’d only ever thought about them in 2 D at one time.

    It’s a great feeling. Pretty damn liberating for me… but also a little scary, because there’s a safe spot in not ever having to control the other parts of the game: less responsibility for the way it turns out, less ownership of the failures of the game, and all that. It’s more work, but I think it’s worth it.

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